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Dark Matter Suite (ft. LOrbSheddy) Dark Matter Suite (ft. LOrbSheddy)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow this song is long but then again, I published Bianka which is 9 minutes...
0:00-0:08 ?/10: Don't know what to say
0:09-0:42 10/10: Very peaceful. I loved how you used those drums.
0:43-0:47: LOL Glitch.
0:48-1:09: 8/10: I like the buildup but the DM cry in the background sorta ruined the buildup.
1:09-1:31 9/10 Nice drop but the tone changed.
1:32-1:42 10/10: Sounds like it would be in a running game.
1:43-2:05 9/10: Same notes as the first drop but loving the tempo slowdown.
2:06-2:23 7/10: Uh-oh! Sounds like the song just broke!
2:24-2:41 10/10: The song is really mysterious...
2:42-3:02 9/10: Sound like it's raining but I like the tone of this plus the lightning noise at the end.
3:03-3:43 9/10: Would be beautiful if the rain had stopped...
3:44-3:29 10/10: Good drop(?)
3:30-4:04 10/10: This is my favorite part of the song because of the drums and whatever that thing in the foreground is called.
4:05-4:22 10/10: Nice melody(?)
4:23-4:24 9/10: Im not sure but I kinda think the guitar is unessary...
4:25-4:37 10/10: Woah, very fast paced and it makes me feel like I'm climbing a mountain very fast.
4:38-4:44 10/10: Woah, sudden tone change plus the tone is kinda nice.
4:45-4:52 10/10: I like thia part because it is happy and fast.
4:53-5:04 10/10: This part is still happy but getting pretty sad pretty slow.
5:05-5:16 10/10: the song is sad again...
5:17-5:30 9/10: I think this part is for a underwater theme
5:31-6:21 10/10: I think the sad part just wraps up tbe song. Great ending though.

Overall score: 9/10. Good work! Including the person you collabed with. :D

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1f1n1ty responds:


0:43 LOL
0:48 But you gotta have the DM
1:09 Eh we tried
2:06 Welcome to the world of glitchcore (which is a genre name I just made up)
3:03 You know, someone else said the same thing. Also it's fire, but I guess that didn't come acros well. Eh :/
4:23 Unnecessary? Come on, man, gotta get yo JAM ON (it was LOrb's idea, I liked it)

Hey thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it! Really! :D

-Absent- -Absent-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice rushing vocal song. Not a real fan of vocals. But hey, I never knew you made CastleStorm's soundtrack! My brother and I always play it. No wonder so of your music and the game's soundtrack sound the same...